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A new city-wide plan for Vancouver?

CityPlan, Vancouver’s city-wide framework for guiding decisions on City programs, was adopted by Council in 1995 after extensive public process.

As it nears the end of its projected 20-year life, the question of a new city-wide plan for Vancouver is often raised in articles and discussions about the city’s future.

This website summarizes some of the Vancouver City Planning Commission’s recent work on the subject, and provides links to some basic resources that provide an introduction to this complex topic.

Does Vancouver need a city-wide plan? – A conversation with 3 distinguished professionals

McAFee Condon Whitelaw

Presenters L to R: Ann McAfee, Patrick Condon, Peter Whitelaw at SFU City Conversation November 20, 2014

The most recent initiative is the documentation of the SFU City Conversations event on November 20, 2014 hosted jointly with the Commission.

City-wide plan conversation event

Click on the image for documentation of the event.

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is a Council-appointed civic advisory body with a mandate to consider and report to Council on issues relating to the long-term future of the city.